Hammock Pedicures – on the Beach!!!

Come relax with us Gals @ WAXBOX Beauty Lounge!!  Enjoy some down time with your feet soaking in a  bowl with hot rocks to keep the temperature just perfect! Book your couples Hammock Pedi today! $40 Beach Pedi or $55 for Lounge Pedi!   *******Refer FRIENDS for a SPECIAL price!!

Valentines Day Specials!


 – Brazilian & Lounge Pedicure(OPI Regular Polish) $75.00

-Brazilian & Hybrid Eyelash Extensions Full Set $165

– Couples Beach Pedicure with Sparkling Wine $75.00


-Manscaping love package:    Manzilian, Full Back & Chest

-Speedo Manscaping:   (Mens Bikini Wax) + Nose wax  $50.00

-Mens Beach Pedicure  +  Full chest or Back wax $75.00


**OFFER VALID FROM JANUARY 16,2018  –  FEBUARY 16, 2018**


Lash line Enhancement & Full set of Hybrid Lash Extensions Combo!

Lash Line Enhancement and Hybrid Lash Extension Combo $360 (Saving of $125.00)

A lash line enhancement is a very subtle and natural looking placement of pigment into the top lash line to define the eyes without an obvious line.

The lash line enhancement will make your lashes look fuller and darker at the base and enhance the overall look of the lash extensions.

First you book your lash enhancement appointment 4 weeks prior to your eyelash extensions appointment, leaving time for the lash line enhancement to fully heal.

Hybrid lash extensions

A hybrid set is a mix of classic and volume lashes. This set is good for clients with not many lashes and its a natural look with a bit of drama.

To book an appointment call 604-377-6082 *Avail January 2018 only

(Image above is of lash line enhancement permanent makeup)

Champagne Dreams…

Waxbox is your go to Friday Funday Beach Spa! Why do black when u can be pink? “Desire to free yourself Champagne (sparkling wine) often stands for a happy event, which will only be for short duration, even if it began so hopefully!”