Vajacials coming soon…

What is a Vajacial? Well, it is simply a facial for your vagina! It covers the bikini line, pubic mound, and outer labia. After getting a Vajacial you will feel like a brand new woman the same feeling you get after getting a facial. 

The benefits of getting a Vajacial help kill the bacteria, treat ingrown hairs, removes dead skin cells, lightens dark spots, hydrates and smooths the skin.

Vajacial Hydration $50
– Steams area with an herbal infused steamer to increase blood circulation and bringing oxygen to the surface, exfoliating, removal of ingrown, vitamin-c clay mask, and finish off with a hydrating and calming  moisturizer. 

20 minutes

Vajacial Detox $70
– Total detox of the skin with warms towels, cleanser, glycolic gel peel infused with green tea which helps with hyperpigmentation, oxygen lift toner, ingrown hair removal, vitamin-c mask, high frequency machine while mask is on, moisturizer, or oil.

This while help with a deep clean of the skin with long lasting results of hydration and moisture.

40 minutes 

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